Monday, June 21, 2010

Lessons I Learned From My Dad

Lessons I Learned From My Dad

Feed others, and serve yourself last. Get out and walk; walking cures everything. Check your tires. Coach. Where you come from is less important than where you are going. Don't take things from hotels that don't belong to you. Consolidate. In case of death, natural disaster, or nuclear war, you may need to know how to clean the pool, turn off the water pipes, or fix the toilet. Stand up for yourself. Be aggressive. Practice. Take your commitments seriously. Be discrete. Take vacations. A person's skin color signifies neither value nor lack thereof. Enjoy jazz. Look people in the eyes. Take care of your health. Don't be late. Enjoy sports for the game, not for statistics. Possessions are not a measure of a man's worth. Be proud of the military. Dine out. Be your own man. Keep accurate records. If you buy a live Christmas tree and keep it potted and watered on your porch, you don't have to buy a new one every year. Call your mother.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Pregame Poem #39

Pregame Poem # 39
7 June 2010

“Be American”

An ode to a team dressed blue,
Red, and white – the chosen few.
They’ve followed their hearts,
Let’s have more than three starts;
Whatever it takes to make your way through.

You are the ambassadors of this great land.
It’s time that we all made a stand.
Remind the world who we are,
In every living room, every bar,
We determine the value of our brand.

From a challenge, we never will hide,
Anything’s possible when hitting our stride.
Lead the world, show the way,
No price we won’t pay
To return in the end with pride.

Ask not what your country can do,
Be bold, be brave, be you.
Eye of the tiger never fails,
With a will tough as nails,
Write history as the winning crew.

Equal are all men created,
Live your dream and never debate it.
Victorious will be America,
Not bad tippers from Iberia,
Be the best, whether loved or hated.

Right Now is the time to begin,
Show this team’s better than we’ve ever been.
What’s in me? Show the doubters,
Amongst horns, drums, and shouters,
Be American. Live the goal. Let’s Win!