Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Democratic Strategery - Election 2008

In honor of Super-Duper Tuesday, some suggested Democratic campaign slogans:

Vote Edwards - Democrats: Party for the little guy... oh, wait...

Hillary - Pledging to bring tolerance back to the White House

Hillary - If I can keep Bill Clinton in check, imagine what I can do to Putin

Obama - I'm not George Bush, and I'm not Hillary Clinton

Hillary - I feel your pain... here, watch; I'll cry

Obama - I've always been anti-war, but I'll bomb Pakistan!

Hillary - I intend to run on my record... look how good my husband was!

Obama/Clinton - Universal Health Care! Except for illegal immigrants

Obama - I promise not to push the wrong buttons anymore

Hillary - It's important to be ready for the presidency from day-one. It's all I've ever thought about; just ask the people of New York

Obama - Because sitting down with our enemies will help us win the War on Terror... "2009 Obama/Osama Summit"

Hillary - Barack and I have very passionate spouses... wait a minute... Where the hell are they anyway?!

Obama - Secretary of Transportation... Ted Kennedy!

Hillary - Sen. Obama, if "dance moves" define a "brotha" than you won't be the first OR SECOND black president.