Tuesday, June 4, 2024

Dear Alexandra and the Class of 2024

To be free to choose the life of your dreams - what an adventure! First, some words of advice for the world out there:

Beware of professors who try to tell you what to think, rather than how to think for yourself.

It is hard for good people to understand the minds of bad people, but evil, greed, cowardice, and malice do exist.  

It can take years to build a reputation, and only seconds to lose it.

Remember what you learned about God and the teachings of Jesus, because the world will try to make you forget and even deny.

Surround yourself with good people.

There is nothing authentic about being a follower of popularity.

We all change over time. Pursue endeavors you would not have thought of while remaining true to yourself.

Have expectations of others. When you are clear about these, some will rise to meet them, while others will fall away.

Call your mom and dad.

Identify your values, and write them down somewhere.

Take care of your body; the habits you form on your own will be either great assets or unfortunate liabilities.

Live in confidence and you will display confidence.

Keep your word, as it is one thing that you can control, and nothing can replace trust.

Do things that are difficult.

The world will tell you that up is down and black is white; being in the minority does not make you wrong. Seek and stand for truth.

Be able to see both sides of an issue, and be open to a third possibility.

Watch your back; the evil prey upon the weak and unsuspecting.

Believing it can be done is the first step to success.

Find your voice, and use it for something good.

Be mindful of habits and choices that become addictions, because addictions can run (and ruin) your life.

Work to be someone who lives for someone other than yourself.

Show up for other people, and not just for the good times.

Don’t ever look down on people; treat everyone with dignity.

Integrity is what you do when no one is looking.

Give people a reason to believe in you, to choose you, and to remember you.

Use your life to create, rather than to destroy.

Travel for perspective over a tan.

Much of the madness and perplexities of this world can be explained in referencing your Bible, reading a history book, traveling abroad, speaking to elders, and/or following the money.

Life does not allow you to plan everything, but just as a bird builds a nest, there are actions you can and should take today that will make the life you imagine possible.

America and the world need you. It’s your job to figure out why and how.

Get out and walk.

Don't pray for lighter loads - rather, stronger shoulders.