Monday, October 1, 2012


Wow, really, it's October already? What a journey with 12 flights, 18 trains, 4 boats, and 10 buses, I'm heading home... with two more flights, and hopefully a yellow line train.

This trip back to California reminds me of the B-Side of albums of yestermillenium; much of what you were looking for was on the A-Side of the record, but many times you found some great tunes that didn't get airplay (on the radio) on the backside. I mean, just look at Lionel Ritchie's "Can't Slow Down." You know? Plus, back in those days, music buying was, as Forrest would say, a lot "like a box of choc-lates." While we're still officially on the 2012 Mark Porter Birthday World Tour, California seems like a trip in its own. While I make it back to my Golden State at least once a year, every time is different, and it's great to spend time with many great people. Apologies if I didn't meet up with you, but I wasn't driving, and this is California. Luckily the rail system has improved over the years. In any case, thank you friends, family, and happy birthdays to Ryan, Jeanine, and especially my dad. You all made for a great finale. You can't have a finale without the B-Side.