Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Democratic Strategery - Election 2008

In honor of Super-Duper Tuesday, some suggested Democratic campaign slogans:

Vote Edwards - Democrats: Party for the little guy... oh, wait...

Hillary - Pledging to bring tolerance back to the White House

Hillary - If I can keep Bill Clinton in check, imagine what I can do to Putin

Obama - I'm not George Bush, and I'm not Hillary Clinton

Hillary - I feel your pain... here, watch; I'll cry

Obama - I've always been anti-war, but I'll bomb Pakistan!

Hillary - I intend to run on my record... look how good my husband was!

Obama/Clinton - Universal Health Care! Except for illegal immigrants

Obama - I promise not to push the wrong buttons anymore

Hillary - It's important to be ready for the presidency from day-one. It's all I've ever thought about; just ask the people of New York

Obama - Because sitting down with our enemies will help us win the War on Terror... "2009 Obama/Osama Summit"

Hillary - Barack and I have very passionate spouses... wait a minute... Where the hell are they anyway?!

Obama - Secretary of Transportation... Ted Kennedy!

Hillary - Sen. Obama, if "dance moves" define a "brotha" than you won't be the first OR SECOND black president.


escamillaweddings said...

haha edwards!

obama forgets that latinos have "dance moves" too.

would that make us "homies" instead of "brothas?"


trice said...

lol - those are great.
and as a native New Yorker on the NY comment - sooooo true. Did anyone really believe her "of course I'm not going to run for pres in 2008" comment?