Sunday, May 9, 2010

Lessons Learned From My Mom

No, not "whatever". Open doors and give up your seat for a lady. Shakespeare is worth reading. Birds are wonderful animals. Teachers are special people who themselves have lots of homework. It's not appropriate to wear t-shirts with curse words on them, even if it is a Van Halen shirt. The people with whom you are sharing a meal deserve the respect of your attention undivided by a telephone. Eat a well-balanced meal. Speak a foreign language. Be modest. Earn your keep. Make-up does not make a woman. Be a defensive driver. Actions have consequences. Travel... just not in the middle of the back seat. Go to church. Cooking is a shared experience. Don't watch soap operas. Your grandmother outranks your best friend. Your best friend ranks pretty highly. Listening is giving. Consider the weight of your words. Say "thank you". If you're going to fail a test, do it without sarcasm. Apologize - and act - sincerely. Pursue your passions with vigor. Be careful. Character matters. Fighting does not make a man. Be there for the important moments. Forgive. Seek the truth. Expect excellence. Make yourself proud. Appreciate beauty. Let others shine. Strength is more than muscles. Be kind. Watch out for motorcycles.

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Grandma Leta said...

What a special Mother's Day gift from a special son!