Wednesday, July 14, 2010

A Well Deserved Visit

Well, lately my travels have taken me to Galt and Lodi! No, these are nowhere near Alderan or Tatooine... and no, these aren't the droids you're looking for. If the only reference you got there was "droids" and you're thinking "cell phone," then... nevermind. Actually I am in Northern California visiting my uncle Sam. He should never be confused with the other Uncle Sam who always asks for money, drafts teenage boys and shaves their heads, and points way too much. My uncle Sam is a peaceful World Traveler with a great sense of humor, and he has never, ever, sent me a tax bill.

Galt and Yoda... I mean Lodi (sorry) are towns south of Sacramento. Lodi is an up-and-coming wine appellation, and I was lucky and happy to visit some old friends there for dinner last night. It was a cook-out, so everything was grilled - even the fresh peaches! It was a slightly cool, breezy, perfect summer evening... a much welcomed change from the sauna otherwise known as "Washington, D.C." Galt is nearby, and not nearly as far away as Dagoba (I'll stop now), but smells of a different agricultural aroma, so I don't think they make wine. However, my cousin lives in Galt, and from what little effort I have expended to ascertain such a conclusion, I think he smells just fine. It's been a lovely time with him and my mom; I have even created an english muffin breakfast bruschetta! It's a quiet town, and I'm sure sure you can see stars, but I'm tired and going to bed. DC and SoCal friends may never have seen these "stars" of which I write, but just google them. Back east tomorrow. Think I'll do the english muffins with strawberries for breakfast... delicious!

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