Thursday, April 26, 2012

Welcome Madeleine

Facing the Sea with Spring Blossoms

    By Hai Zi

"From tomorrow on,
I will be a happy man;
Grooming, chopping,
and traveling all over the world.
From tomorrow on,
I will care foodstuff and vegetable,
Living in a house towards the sea,
with spring blossoms.
From tomorrow on,
write to each of my dear ones,
Telling them of my happiness,
What the lightening of happiness has told me,
I will spread it to each of them.
Give a warm name for every river and every mountain, Strangers, I will also wish you happy.
May you have a brilliant future!
May you lovers eventually become spouses!
May you enjoy happiness in this earthly world!
I only wish to face the sea, with spring flowers blossoming."

My photo was one of many taken on an afternoon spring walk through several neighborhoods in Washington, DC from Penn Quarter to Dupont Circle. It was March 25th - a peaceful, lovely day - and I later discovered that at the same time my friend Jennifer was bringing her daughter Madeleine into this world. She made her debut the following morning and shares a birthday with the Chinese poet Hai Zi quoted above. I thought it a happy coincidence.

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