Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Greatest Fan of Your Life

Every once in a while you look around and you realize that God has placed angels amongst you. The trained eye will see beauty every step of the way in every person met, yet all of us know of certain people in our lives who are truly a blessing - truly a gift to the world.

Joan Doty was many things, I'm sure, but I will always remember her as a teacher, a mother, and a fan. She was heartily involved in her students' education, her family, and the lives of those who knew her well. Joan had a glow about her that touched so many lives. I mention her as a fan for a couple of reasons. Not only was she dedicated in genuine interest to the lives of those around her, but her love was robust for us all in sport. Few parents managed to appear in the bleachers at so many games as far away as Barstow or as inconsequential as an alumni soccer game. Sufficed to say, she was always with us, and undoubtedly, she always shall be.

Perhaps one of Joan's greatest gifts to the world was her ability to provide for her family. It would appear that opening her heart and her home to so many was her strategy to create a life so very complete for those left under her care. She was a fan of us all, and for this we lovingly applaud her, and we will miss her. Fortunately, we can always look to the sidelines, and she will be there with that wonderful smile.

Thank you, Joan. We all won. Rest, now, in peace.

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