Tuesday, March 15, 2011


In a universe where everything is in motion, there is always the likelihood of a collision. Cars crash, computers crash, people crash, and waves crash. You could stand alone in a vacant field in the middle of Nevada and eventually crash to the ground - eventually. So far, in my short tenure on this planet, I have crashed into a swing set, a tree, a goalkeeper, a driveway, nearly all of my co-workers, a fist, a wall, a rose bush, snow, the ocean, unemployment, and a mailbox. None of them were all that fun... well, except the goalie after a penalty kick; I scored! Some were the result of bad choices; some were just life. Sometimes our ideas crash. Sometimes relationships crash. Sometimes nature crashes. Conventional wisdom is that you take precautions and buy insurance. However, sometimes the best that you can do is survive - that, and lend a hand when you can.

Best wishes to the good people of Japan and to all others finding the resolve to make their way.

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