Monday, March 28, 2011


In an effort to summarize the style of my approach to art, I have looked to my ethnic heritage for clues. Strangely enough, as a general critic of most hyphenated American descriptions, I have decided on an adjective perhaps previously uncoined in "Euro-Shoshone". In any recollection of me, I would prefer to be remembered as an avid American, however I do recognize certain forces at work guiding my eye for that which should be a moment captured in time for others to see.

Quite frankly, I have spent far more time in Europe than on an Indian reservation - a decision that gives me more and more peace as I hear tales of machinations successfully designed to disqualify me from receiving funds better spent on the enlightened society commonly referred to as "the tribe". Be that as it may, I have always discovered a profound beauty in nature - the light given from the sky, life in its numerous forms, and the many hues of the earth. I have always treated what I do with a camera as simply documenting, as best I can, the spectacle that is life on this land. It may also be quite European to study human nature not through legend or through custom, but in deed and in desire. I have always enjoyed showcasing people not merely as they would like to appear, but exhibiting some truth that even they may not even see; whether the lens is of a microscope or a camera, it is a tool of examination and discovery. They say photos don't lie, therefore photography is an art form of truth.

Beginning this weekend, I will be attempting to sell my photos for the first time at the new Liberty North Community Market ( on 5th and I Streets NW in DC. Please stop by if you are in the neighborhood. I had to write this post so I'd know what to say just in case anybody asks... something to shoot for, at least.

(Exported from - discoveries in the quest for international tranquility)

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