Friday, September 20, 2013

Why We Try

If at first you don’t succeed, try, try… try again. Right? Perhaps. Obviously, any goal worth attaining is worth expending the required energies to achieve, but what exactly is it to try? Yoda famously preached that “there is no ‘try’”, and one must simply “do or do not.” That assumes, of course, that one has the ultimate power of achieving the desired outcome. We all know that, due to any number of variables and obstacles, the doing just may not be in the cards. Yet we try, because of one reason – hope. Hope is a powerful notion. It gives us courage, creativity, and resilience. It gives us a reason, drive, and purpose. Hope turns a boy into a man and a peasant into a king. Hope can also make you a bit crazy. When all hope is lost, we have no reason to try. However, a drop of hope can be like an ocean. We try because we believe. We fail only when we do not stay true to the endeavor. The best endeavors are dreams that light the fire of your heart to find the way in the dark and guide you to a place you have never been... I hope.

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