Thursday, August 29, 2013

So Far... (2013)

So far, I have learned a few things which I should never forget:

Some of the greatest finds are unexpected. Appreciate beauty in all of its forms. Study what interests you, and even some of the things that don’t. The airline may forgive your tardiness, however showing up the next day is just stupid. Look out for big metal poles in playgrounds when playing with children or driving your truck in reverse. Sometimes you must recant. Say thank you. Best intentions matter little to: thieves, women, cancer, customers, and Samuel L. Jackson. If your uncle calls you on his birthday, you could probably be a better nephew. Most opportunities are created. You must be present to win. There is no shame in losing, only in not learning from defeat. Sometimes it’s better just to take a cab. Call your mother. Life is temporary – treat it well. Angels exist. Go out and meet the world, because it really wants to meet you. Never trust a Greek cab driver at the drop-off point of the bus from the airport in Athens. It’s easy to wake up early when you sleep in your car. Narita Airport does not have 24-hour public transportation into Tokyo. The train station in Rome closes. Feed people. 21st Century technology is no substitute for face-to-face communication. Give up your seat for a lady. Don’t spend all your money on a first date, even if she’s worth it. Get out and walk. Teach others what you know, and always be open to learn more. Love is a decision, as well as a commandment. Never trust the people at the drive-thru to get your order correct, without checking, if it’s that big a deal. You must be an active participant in your own rescue. Empathize. Say what you mean. Laugh. Smile. Watch out for motorcycles.

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