Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Wildest Moments

Attention all world travelers: what you seek may not be found in books or on maps. There is a good chance you are looking for moments. You know, those moments when you realize you have found something uniquely special that you are certain you will talk and think about forever? You know when you are in the moment, however it is oftentimes difficult to discern when that moment begins and when it ends. Of course, some time after the fact, you may be able to pinpoint the duration of your moment with precision. Sometimes you decide. Other times, you simply enjoy it for what it is. Still others, you hang on for dear life like on a roller coaster or in a great movie. The wildest moments are just that - untamed and out of your hands. You can pray to be able to hold on or revisit, but the wildest moments are completely unpredictable... and they are precisely the goal of many a world traveler. This is not to say you seek out fleeting moments, but rather welcome the experience that others dare not - the best or worst in this world - and are willing to take the chance for that journey. The wildest moments are indeed a gamble, but they are the wind in many a sail. In many cases, they are your inspiration. The best, they become your reason.

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