Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained

As I count down the hours now to 2014, it's kind of fun to look at the time zones map of the world and think of all the celebrations going on across the globe - kind of a 24 hour party! As I write, Western Europe and parts of Africa have already welcomed the new year and are probably dancing and making calls and receiving text messages with big smiles. That makes me happy just thinking about it. England is next, where some of my friends are counting down to midnight. People, no doubt are at this very minute making sure they are where they want to be and with whom. This also makes me happy.

In fact, celebrations in general, are what help to make life special. Occasions to which we look forward and can fondly remember with wonderful people are the color on the canvas of life. Days and years go on, and things change, but the dried paint on the magnificent masterpiece we create will always remain. 2013 has roughly eight more hours for me, and I'm pretty okay with that. We can look back and be happy or sad, have regret or have pride, be moved or be apathetic, but what we need to remember is that this was all part of a journey. Every journey has it's ups and downs - its difficulties and its triumphs - yet, these were all necessary to make it through. Take it from a traveler: this is how we reach undiscovered territory - by stepping out and making the trip. For the people who don't see the big deal - who think it's just another day - I really don't get it. I'll take all the special days I can get... and the special people who come along with it.

Happy New Year, and I hope to see as many of you in 2014 as I can. Have a good journey.

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