Monday, June 22, 2015

Rest Now, Sweet Pam - In Memory of Pamela Johnston

The soft clouds are scattered across the sky, engulfed in pinks and blues and shades of red. The roosters begin to crow, although somewhat reluctantly this morning. The air is still and soft, and gently warm. A long night under the glow of sparkling stars has ended, and God has called one of his angels home.

She was just younger than me. My gracious prom date, my happy friend, the light of everyone's world who knew her. It appears that she had a long battle with that awful disease that rips people from their youth and hastens the end for our elders. Indiscriminate, it seems, as few people added such joy to this earthly world than her. That luminous smile and that giddy laugh have left us and will now play in the symphony of Heaven.

So I see it fitting that this gorgeous Philippine morning sky is so magnificently brilliant today, as we are all awakened and welcomed to another chance at life, my friend Pam should enjoy a glorious ascent to go and walk with God.

Hey, look, there's a rainbow.

Rest now in peace, my friend Pamela Johnston.

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