Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Es un Pajaro? Es un Avion? Es SuperMarkito!!!

So, I am now convinced that at least one of the following are true: doors, especially car doors, are made of inferior materials that are lighter than American doors and slam easier, OR in this country I have super-human powers not unlike Superman on Planet Earth.  I´m convinced of the latter, but either or both may be true.  (Cab drivers HATE me.)  I´m trying to contain the fuerza...

So, I have been blessed with a very gracious host, who happens to be the father of a friend of mine.  Oscar warned me that he likes to talk, but it has been somewhat of a linguistic adventure.  I´m doing my darndest to practice my Spanish with him, but for some reason he still calls me "Mart," and doesn´t seem to catch my body language that says "I have no idea what the hell you are talking about; may I please just go to sleep?"  Perhaps my finely honed international spy skills have masked any such cues, which would explain why I get asked to do readings at French church services and why Spaniards at work think I enjoy running around for no tip (sorry to my Spanish friends).  In any case, SeƱor Gonzales and I have had some priceless conversations.  This morning, he explained Colombian history, and switched gears to World War II, basically calling us Americans cowards for our tardy entry.  I do the minority of the talking, so I didn´t ask when Colombia stepped in to topple the axis.  However, I was happy to inform him that since, we have learned our lesson and have no problem stepping in first to fight communism, terrorism, and all other manner of -isms we deem counterproductive to the planet (or at least to us).  He liked that a lot.  I discussed this, along with an answer to her query as to why I am not a liberal, with my new friend Silvana at the Gold Museum, and she doesn´t want to be friends anymore.  So much for my foreign relations endeavor.  Time to find a steak and a beer

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