Sunday, April 3, 2011

A Little Too Fabulous

Aaaaahhh! There are three things that give me the heebee-jeebees in television and cinema: graphic violent mutilation, gay love scenes, and actors breaking into song for no apparent reason. There was that Bollywood movie... and Richard Gere in Chicago (I know it was a Broadway musical), and now that ill-advised demonstration of lip-sync/dubbing by the cast and crew of the Grey's Anatomy show. And, I know something about lip-syncing (haha). Sorry; it's not them, it's me.
So, I'm just relaxing this evening after a long week of work and weekend of my new role of artist-vendor. No, I'm not actually selling artists, I'm selling my photos. Today, I sold a photo of the dimming blue sky over Cartagena, Colombia, was interviewed by a journalism student from American University, and impressed some ladies from The Smithsonian. Yes, it was a pretty good day. However, I am looking forward to tommorrow - a day off - and I'll be cooking... but, God-willing, no creepy musicals. Let the showtunes stay where they belong - the theater and in gay bars. Regia!

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