Friday, April 15, 2011


My friend TY prefers to read my travel writings that document when I'm actually traveling. Well, guess what? SO DO I! But, we'll just make do, shall we? Life's a journey, anyway. We'll just pretend this Mickey D's 2-for-a-dollar apple pie is a fresh strudel, and I'm making my way through Bavaria in search of an old castle with a weary, yet lovely Parisian mademoiselle who doesn't speak a lick of english.

Yeah. So, this time of year about 1978 years ago, we were wrapping up the prelude to the first Easter. The thought of fasting in solitary, eshewing temptation, in preparation for a painful end seems a taxing prospect. However, the Lenten struggle does not exist to tear us down, and it's certainly not a silly game or an afterthought; it is a preparation.

Friends will go. Co-workers disappear one by one. People move on, and things disappear. A cruel game, perhaps. Taxing, for sure. But, is it preparation for a better day? One would hope. The goal is that we become stronger. Deprivation can be an injustice or it can be what it is to the vine - the process by which we find the yield of the best grapes... and with great care, the best wine.

C'est manifique!

Almost there.

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