Sunday, April 17, 2011

Love Me If You Can - In Memory of Don Bachelier

One way or another, we all get together to celebrate Don's birthday. Every April - always a party. It might have even qualified as one of Jaleo's "festivals" at some point. And, it always brought everyone together - managers, bussers, servers, hosts... Austin Grill... At a Don's Birthday Party, there was always dancing; we even had a dance contest one year that Lou and I commentated. There was always singing. There was always a good time had by all. That's all Don wanted for his birthday. Actually, that's not true; I remember him soliciting gifts one year. However, he genuinely enjoyed everybody getting together and not having to work. Those were the days when that was a priority. Shouldn't it always be? Good times.

Rest in peace, our friend. We'll try to keep the music down... maybe.


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