Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Back to the Future

This is the longest day ever! I woke up in Tokyo this morning, and that was 26 hours ago. I haven't eaten dinner yet. However, I did have sushi for lunch and three meals on two planes. Time travel, my friends; I'm always happy when the Libyans come through with the plutonium. Imagine if I told them that at customs in LAX! Great Scott!

Yes, I'm "home" in California and in the US of A, but no, the trip is not complete! However, being abroad is finished for now, and boy, what a whirlwind! Interestingly, my body stopped paying attention to time zones about two weeks ago, as I've decided to just sleep when I see fit. It's not quite yet appropriate to write a journey recap just yet, but as I go seek out my Mexican dinner, I will just say, there's a lot to see out there; a lot to do, a lot to taste, and many friends you haven't yet met. Thanks to everyone who kept it interesting.

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