Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Bad Eats in Prague

Speak of the devil - it's one thing to have poor customer service, but it's quite another to prey on tourists' disorientation and cheat them out of their money. I'm no Rachel Ray and have minimal clout to force some sort of positive outcome for my experience, but if the blogosphere has any say as to which level of hades the man at this establishment should be sent, then here goes:

At the north end of Old Town Square in Prague, there are a number of food vendors that appear to have some lower priced take-away items. I opted for the spit roasted ham "staroprazska", and potato salad. The menu lists the portions as 1 kilo with price in Czech Koruna. I thought I was in for a simple economical dinner. They gave me enough food to satiate a small family and charged me 640 CZK. I hadn't yet acclimated to the exchange rate, so without thinking, I paid... about $33! I inquired about the price moments after my calculation, and was basically told "too bad, sucker" with a smile - "just like when you buy nice steak at restaurant, by weight!"

Yeah, just like that.

I spent the next hour telling prospective victims in line that he is a horrible person and a cheat. So please never visit this deceptive tourist trap. I will be very careful with my calculations from here on out.

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