Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Top 20 Best Eats - Around the World

People always ask me what was my favorite meal on my trip. Well, here is my Top 20 from abroad - my best of Spain, Greece, Turkey, Czech Republic, Germany, Italy, and Japan, 2012.

Honorable Mention:
Raw chicken tossed in wasabi - Teshigotoya Fukunotori (Tokyo, Japan)

20. Home Cooking by Ana Lia: pasta, frittata, wine, yum! - Casa Riva (Arese, Italy)

19. Garlic Soup with potatoes, cheese, croutons, and dried herbs - U Bulinu (Prague, Czech Rep)

18. Fried Moray with lemon - Warayakiya (Tokyo, Japan)

17. Padrón Peppers fried with sea salt - Pinotxo, La Boquería (Barcelona, Spain)

16. Canelons de bolets de temporada amb salsa de ceps (mushroom canelones) - D.O (Gracia, Barcelona, Spain)

15. Meatballs with rice and horseradish braised with potatoes - Taverna Tu Psiri (Athens, Greece)

14. Chicken and Sausage Skewer with peppers and mustard - Prague Wine Festival vendor (Prague, Czech Rep)

13. Sushi Selection - Tokyo Station (Tokyo, Japan)

12. Pork Belly Skewer with yuzu and green pepper sauce - unknown izakaya (Tokyo, Japan)

11. Spit-Roasted Chicken with potatoes (my dinner with Kapnos Team) - unknown taverna (Thessaloniki, Greece)

10. Visneli Yaprak Sarmasi (grape leaves stuffed with sour cherries, rice, onion, and pine nuts) - Asitane (Istanbul, Turkey)

9. Sultan's Favorite (baked smoked eggplant and lamb) - Haçi Baba (Istanbul, Turkey)

8. Lamacun (flatbread with meat sauce, with cucumber, tomato, peppers) - unknown restaurant (Istanbul, Turkey)

7. Exohiko (chicken fried with paprika, tomatoes, and pita, with feta) - unknown taverna (Thessaloniki, Greece)

6. Pork Okonomiyaki with omochi 
Kiji (Tokyo-Shinagawa, Japan)

5. Mougatsa Me Crema 
(phyllo with custard and cinnamon) 
Blé (Thessaloniki, Greece)

4. Formatge de cabra a la planxa amb puré de pinya 
(seared goat cheese with pineapple purée)
D.O (Barcelona-Gracia, Spain)

3. Patatas Bravas 
(fried potatoes with tomato sauce, alioli, and pimentón) 
DO. (Barcelona, Spain)

2. Baklava "Mixed Plate" 
Karaköy Güllüoglu (Istanbul-Karaköy, Turkey)

1. Straw-fired Bonito with wasabi, shallots, sea salt, and garlic
Warayakiya (Tokyo-Roppongi, Japan)

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